19 June 2015

My Teacher, Margaret Schooley Cleveland

Source: Ancestry.com
Note:  This graphic contains information that is partially correct.  However, I do not believe that my teacher, Margaret Schooley Cleveland, was born in 1541!  Multiple files may have been scrambled (as opposed to data entries errors); it happened to my files, too.

Mrs. Margaret Cleveland was a teacher in the Swartz Creek, Michigan, school system.  Her *husband's Cleveland ancestry meshes with mine early on with Moses Cleveland and Ann Winn.  This book is a comprehensive source for Cleveland genealogy.  Mrs. Cleveland's husband's ancestor was Josiah, who was my Edward's brother (my Edward's son married a Mayflower descendant).

Josiah Cleveland (1666 - 1709)
Born in Woburn, Mass Cleveland Gen on 1666 to Moses Cleveland and Ann Winn. Josiah married Mary Bates and had 10 children. He passed away on 1709 in Canterbury, Ct.

Henry Cleveland (1697 - 1769)
Born in Chelmesford, Massachusetts, on 1697 to Josiah Cleveland and Mary Bates. Henry married Lucy Fitch and had 5 children. He passed away on 1769 in Mansfield, Tollard, Connecticut.

William Cleveland (1719 - 1791)
Born in Norwich, Connecticut, on 1719 to Henry Cleveland and Lucy Fitch. William married Rachel Warren and had 10 children. He passed away on 1791 in Windsor Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA.

Jedediah Cleveland (1758 - 1840)
Born in Massachusetts, on 1758 to William Cleveland and Rachel Warren. Jedediah married Prudence Van Kirk. Jedediah married Lydia Merrill and had 12 children. He passed away on 1840 in Williams, Ohio.

Silas Hall Cleveland (1797 - 1875)
Born in Dalton, Berkshire, Massachusetts, on 1797 to Jedediah Cleveland and Lydia Merrill. Silas Hall married Betsy Briggs and had 5 children. Silas Hall married Mary Burnside Osborn. He passed away on 1875 in Norton, Marion, Ohio.

Kingsley Cleveland (1822 - Unknown) [Not in Cleveland book]
Born in Morrow, Ohio, on 2 Jul 1822 to Silas Hall Cleveland and Betsy Briggs. Kingsley married Marian Alexander and had 4 children. He passed away in Michigan.

James Silas Cleveland (1849 - 1914)
Born on 1849 to Kingsley Cleveland and Marian Alexander. James Silas married Mary Davis and had 3 children. He passed away on 15 Jan 1914, in Highland, Michigan.

James A Cleveland (1882 - 1953)
Born in Highland, Osecola, on 1882 to James Silas Cleveland and Mary Davis. James A. married Esther A Witbeck and had 6 children. He passed away on 29 Oct 1953, in Marion, Michigan.

*Ray Andrew Cleveland
Born to James A Cleveland and Esther A Witbeck. Ray Andrew (1906 - 1998) married Margaret Schooley (1910 - 1996) and had 2 children. Ray and Margaret Cleveland were enumerated in the 1940 census which was taken in Flint, Genesee County, Michigan (she was a teacher in 1940).

The ancestry of President Cleveland and a few others was addressed here.

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