07 May 2015

Roark And Evans Security For Everly

Posted on a message board [Everly] by a fellow Roark descendant [ancestor William Roark's wife may have been Elizabeth Everly]:

Kentucky Historical Society Quarterly "The Heritage" Vol. 8, page 44:

"Caroline Everly and Emily Everly orphans of William Everly deceased. Chose Jesse Everly as their guardian.  David Evans and William Roark were sec."

This Caroline Everly?  The Martins are related to the Roarks and the Roarks are related to the Evans'.

Census 1850
Muhlenberg, Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Hugh Martin M 50 Kentucky
Ary Martin F 43 Kentucky
Wm Martin M 18 Kentucky
Jas H Martin M 16 Kentucky
Mary H Martin F 14 Kentucky
Robt Martin M 11 Kentucky
Templeton Martin M 6 Kentucky
Alney Martin M 42 Kentucky
Robt Maxville M 68 Kentucky
Sarah Maxville F 68 Kentucky

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