13 April 2015

Probate File #967 - James Scott And Robert Smart

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets 1839-1840...:

Probate File #967 [Image 962]

An explanation as to how James Scott and the Heirs of Robert Smart probate cases were related from The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922, Volume 2:

John and Mary Bentley as well as their daughter, Mrs. Sally Nowlen, were entitled to donation lots in the new village [of Detroit] plats.

Mrs. Nowlen had some difficulty in obtaining a deed for her lot, and placed the matter in the hands of Robert Smart, a prominent citizen of Detroit, and through his exertions received a deed in November 1816.  ...that Smart was then and always continued to be their friend is apparent from his will.

Mrs. Sally Nowlen's daughter, Sally, married John Scott.  Their son, James Scott, was the minor child referenced in Probate File #967.  There were two wills purported to belong to his great-grandmother, Mary Bentley; the will naming James Scott as the heir prevailed (see explanation below).
David Smart, who was the nephew of Robert Smart, above-mentioned, was the executor of the will that was admitted and he handled the estate for James Scott, who was then 15 years old.

A few years before this, and while John Scott, the elder brother of James was still alive, Robert Smart made his will. He had lived in Detroit for many years and had been a very prominent and influential citizen and a man of considerable means. His will is dated October 26, 1839, and he did not forget the various members of the Nowlen Family. His will was probated November 4, 1839, and the executors were John Biddle, Charles Moran, and Darius Lamson three as prominent men as there were in the city.

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