24 April 2015

Married At Mackinac Island

Fort Mackinac

"Upon August 12, 1824, I [*Elizabeth Therese Baird] was married at our home on Mackinac Island to Henry S. Baird, and the following month we left for Green Bay... ".  "General Gaines, continuing an inspection was also on board, therefore a salute was fired... ."

".Fort Howard did not present so much the appearance of a fortress as did my beloved Fort Mackinac.. ."

 *Mrs. Elizabeth Therese Fisher Baird was born at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, April 24, 1810.  She married at age 14 and died in 1890.  Her husband was born in Ireland in 1800 and immigrated to the United States in 1805.  [Source] [Also here]

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