20 April 2015

Lord Dartmouth And The Surveyor-General

From the Manuscripts of Lord Dartmouth:

Lord Dartmouth himself owns 40,000 acres in East Florida, and William Gerard de Brahm, once Surveyor-General of America, tells his Lordship that he can find thirteen good French Protestant families to settle on it. He appears to be instrumental in forming for the purpose a Society called the Swizer, or Cape Florida Society, for which 8,000 acres are to be appropriated at a regular quit-rent. The terms and conditions, however, after much correspondence are finally thrown over by the members as unsuitable for a...society of free people," but the real objection seems to have been to Mr. de Brahm as agent. Mr. de Brahm's lengthy epistles are numerous, he transmits, too, a manuscript history of East Florida (p. 120), and various astronomical and religious treatises.

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