29 April 2015

British Instigators In Florida

*Depiction Of Fort At San Marcos de Apalache [Florida Panhandle]

Three British subjects had been unquestionably instrumental in starting this Indian war (on November 30, 1817): Captain Woodbine, of the British army, whom Jackson had encountered in the war of 1812; Captain Ambrister, of the British army, then absent from his command on leave, who was an active and pernicious agent of Woodbine; and Arbuthnot, a Scotch merchant who was engaged in trading with the Seminoles in their country. Jackson failed to catch Woodbine. Ambrister was captured while actually leading the Indians in hostilities against the Americans. Arbuthnot was merely arrested without having made any attempt to escape, evidently not suspecting that he had done any wrong or expecting any molestation front the American commander.  Source: Proceedings of the Annual Session of the Bar Association of Tennessee

*...Andrew Jackson stayed here [Fort At San Marcos de Apalache] briefly in 1818 during the first Seminole War. [Source]

From Executed Today: [April 29] 1818: Alexander Arbuthnot and Richard Ambrister

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