28 March 2015

All Together In Flint

Ward 9, Flint, Flint City, Genesee, Michigan
[910 Ann Arbor Street]
Household Gender Age Birthplace
*Head Charles W Mason M 32 Illinois
Lodger Theodore Smith M 42 Michigan
Lodger's wife Blanche Smith F 42 Illinois
Lodger's stepson Billy W Morgan M 16 Arkansas
Lodger's stepdaughter Phyliss A Morgan F 10 Michigan
Lodger's stepfather Alonzo Logan M 54 Missouri
Lodger's stepbrother Robert Logan M 20 Arkansas
Lodger Elaine Pierce F 22 Illinois
Lodger's son Billy F Pierce M 3 Michigan
Lodger's son James J Pierce M 1 Michigan

*Charles W. Mason's mother was Pearl Johnson.  Pearl married 2nd Alonzo Logan; Robert Logan was the son of Pearl and Alonzo.  Pearl died on 23 December 1934.

Blanche Smith was Pearl's sister and Theodore was Blanche's 2nd husband.  Billy W. Morgan was Blanche's son by her 1st husband.  Phyliss was Blanche's daughter by her 1st marriage.  Elaine was Blanche's daughter; Billy Pierce and James Pierce were Elaine's sons.

Flint, Genesee, Michigan
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Alonzo L Logan M 44 Missouri
Wife Pearl Logan F 41 Illinois
Son Robert E Logan M 9 Arkansas
*Stepson Charles W Mason M 22 Illinois
Stepson James D Mason M 16 Illinois
Stepdaughter Mabel E Mason F 15 Illinois
Lodger Mabel Ferrel F 36 Illinois
Lodger Charles T Ferrel M 13 Illinois
Lodger Vernelia W Ferrel F 9 Illinois
Lodger Billy L Ferrel M 2 Illinois
Lodger Charles Norris M 25 Arkansas

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