03 February 2015

James Pittullo In Fife

Source: A Scene In Fife

The Fife Family History Society published the information below about the Pittullo family [some links added]:

"The]...Coates estate in Upper Largo [Fife] bought in 1783 by Captain James Pittullo (1745-1795), late of the East Indies. He had been born in Elie, where his father and grandfather – both named Nathaniel – and his great-grandfather, Robert Pitulloch, had all been mariners.

Captain James Pittullo had three natural children (a son and two daughters) by a lady called Cecilia Baptisto...a natural son, Nathaniel Pittullo (1804-1880) by Janet Paton, and also a lawful son, James Drysdale Pittullo by Anne Drysdale of Haddington.

The Pattullo message board at Ancestry.com mentioned Alienated Affections: The Scottish Experience of Divorce and Separation, 1684-1830, Leah Leneman, and included the following:

"in an 1812 case Ann Drysdale stated that her husband, James Pittullo, in the presence of her brother, struck her on the head and face drove her head against the chimney... . Pittullo's version was that...[he] took her by the arm to put her out when in the struggle his hand touched her about the nose..." .

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