07 December 2014

Our John Backus

My ancestor, John Backus*, the third of that name, was born October 2, 1772. He probably had four (4) wives. Unfortunately, one of the two who are still a "mystery" is the mother of my Laura (Backus) Richmond.

Abridged Compendium by Frederick Virkus, compiled the genealogy of Manson Franklin Backus, who was the nephew of my Laura (Backus) Richmond (her half brother was Clinton Theron Backus):

BACKUS, Manson Franklin, b S. Livonia, N.Y., May 11, 1853.
8-William Backus (qv);
7-Stephen (d 1695), m 1666, Sarah Spencer;
6-Timothy (1682-1762), m 1708/09, Sarah Post;
5-John (1720-before ^1790), m 1746, Joanna Cleveland, widow of Uriah Downing;
4-John (1747-1842), soldier Am. Rev., m 1769, Jerusha Baker;
*3-John (1772-1862), m [3d, Philena (Stebbins) Richardson]
10-Stephen Hopkins (qv);
9-Constance (d 1677), m Nicholas Snow (d 1676);
8-Mary (b 1630), m ca. 1650, Thomas Paine (Thomas 9, Plymouth, Mass., 1622);
7-Elisha (1659-1735), m 1685, Rebecca Doane;
6-Rebecca, m Edward Cleveland;
5-Joanna (b 1717), as Widow Downing, m 2d, 1746, John Backus (5 above).
2-Son of Clinton Theron Backus (1827-97)

Manson Franklin Backus and his father, Clinton Theron Backus, as well as Clinton's mother, Philena (Stebbins) Richardson, are not part of my direct lineage.

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