09 December 2014

Eric Bollman, A Burr Co-Conspirator?


Mr. [Jacob] Barker passed with Mr. Jefferson at the White House the evening of the day on which he sent to Congress the message developing Burr's conspiracy. He appeared much pleased at the failure of the scheme, spoke of the arrival of Erick Bolman, one of the supposed conspirators, a prisoner from New Orleans, at Charleston; the interference of his political opponents to have Bolman released, for which purpose they took out a writ of habeas corpus, and sent the sheriff with it, to bring the prisoner into court from Fort Sullivan, where he was confined. [Source]

Eric Bollman, physician, born in Hoya, Hanover, in 1769; died in Jamaica...December 9, 1821.

He...fell in with Lally-Tollendal, who induced to go to Austria and endeavor to find out where General Lafayette was kept in confinement...[and]...formed a plan to rescue him with the assistance of Francis Kinloch Huger a young American... . Dr Bollman escaped to Prussia but was handed over to the Austrian authorities, who him in prison for nearly a year... .

He [Eric Bollman] came to the United States and was well received, but in 1806 was implicated in Aaron Burr's conspiracy and was Burr's agent in New Orleans.

Eric Bollman married Elizabeth Nixon, daughter of John Nixon of Philadelphia by wife Elizabeth Davis. [Source]

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