05 December 2014

Chronology Of Martin Van Buren


Biography of Martin Van Buren, vice president of ... [Published in 1835]:

Martin Van Buren was born at Kinderhook, in the county of Columbia, and state of New York, on the 5th of December, 1782. He is the eldest son of Abraham Van Buren, an upright and intelligent man, whose virtuous conduct and amiable temper enabled him to pass through a long life, not only without an enemy, but without ever being involved in contention or controversy. His mother, a woman of excellent sense and pleasing manners, was twice married, Mr. Van Buren being her second husband. Both parents were exclusively of Dutch decent; their ancestors being among the most respectable of those emigrants from Holland, who established themselves, in the earliest period of our colonial history, in the ancient settlement of Kinderhook. They died at advanced ages; the father in 1814, the mother in 1818, but not until they had
witnessed, and, for a series of years, participated in, the prosperity of their son.


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