30 November 2014

Massacre In The Panhandle

River In Florida's Panhandle

This Indian war had opened with the customary atrocities. On November 30, 1817, a boat, having on board forty soldiers, commanded by Lieut. [Richard W.] Scott [7th Infantry], seven women (wives of soldiers), and five children, was making its way up the Apalachicola river [Florida]. On reaching a point near Fort Scott, this vessel was fired upon by a large body of Seminoles, then lying in ambush in the woods bordering the stream. Four men escaped alive, by diving and swimming to the opposite shore; one woman was taken captive and carried away; six women, thirty-seven men, including Scott, and five children, were deliberately butchered... .  Source:  Proceedings of the Annual Session of the Bar Association of Tennessee

There are more details in the blog, Florida History, Historic Sites & Points of Interest.

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