22 November 2014

Hamtramck Issued Abijah Hunt's Pass To Detroit

From the Quarterly Publication of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio:

Pass issued by Lieut. Colonel Hamtranck [sic] to Abijah Hunt, merchant, in 1795, to go to Detroit; and a Permit to J. & A. Hunt to sell merchandize in the Territory, 1800; 

Memorandum of a contract between Titus Mershon and Jeremiah & Abijah Hunt, Nov. 22d, 1795, the former to deliver to the latter, at Cincinnati, merchandize at prices seemingly improbable to us of today, such as bacon, butter, cheese, each 1 shilling per pound, eggs 5)4 pence per dozen, peach brandy 9s. 4p. per gallon and whiskey 4s. 6p. per gallon, etc

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