31 October 2014

Portraits Of William and Mary (Everly) Roark

Also known as my 5th Great-Grandparents.

There was an uncertainty as to the name of William Roark's wife; was it Elizabeth (a possibility I used in a previous blog), or Charlotte (perhaps a second wife) or Mary Everly?  I was thrilled beyond belief to receive these portraits, especially the one that revealed her identity as Mary (Everly) Roark.

William Roark

Mary (Everly) Roark

Photos from Eastern Kentucky University Special Collections and Archives (http://archives.eku.edu).

For the purpose of this blog, both pictures have been altered.  They are not mine to share, but can be purchased from the Archives at Eastern Kentucky University.  Written on the back of each photo was "Oil portrait is property of Carol Roark Vincent McClure."

Photo of a painting of William Roark, great-grandfather of Ruric N. Roark

Mary Everly Roark
Photo of a painting of Mary Everly Roark, great-grandmother of Ruric N. Roark

Note: A big thank you to Ashley from the Archives who assisted me.

Ruric N. Roark's lineage:

William Roark m. Mary Everly
William Roark (Jr.) m. Martha Martin
Martin Jefferson Roark m. Nancy Davis

My lineage:

William Roark m. Mary Everly
Michael Roark m. Nancy Evans
Eleanor Roark m. Felix Patillo
Nancy J. Patillo m. James A. Rice
Katie Rice m. James D. Johnson
Katie Johnson m. James H. Garrett
Living m. Richard N. Powers
Me (Catherine Powers Palm)

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