27 October 2014

More Family Of Forfar?

I believe my More (or Moir) family lived in the Forfar area of Scotland.

Forfarshire Illustrated:....:

The County derives its usual name of Forfar from the county town. Its more ancient name, Angus, by which it is still known, is commonly supposed to have been conferred in honour of a son of one of our Scottish kings of that name, to whom the district was granted by his father. Gaelic scholars, however, think this name denotes a hill of a particular description, or which was applied to a special use.

The County is the most westerly part of what is known as the East Coast of Scotland, It naturally divides itself into four districts.

1.  Marine Division
2.  The Sidlaw Hills
3.  Strathmore
4.  Grampian District

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