12 October 2014

An Illustrious Line Of Kings


About two years after the restoration of peace [King] Alexander lost his aged uncle, David, Earl of Huntingdon. Besides the Honor from which he derived his title, and which conferred upon him lands in nine English counties, for all of which the king of Scotland was tenant-in-chief David held the earldom of Garioch, and at one time, that of Lennox also, together with the lordship of Strathbogie, and many other possessions in his native country.

Of his [David, Earl of Huntingdon] four daughters, Margaret, the eldest, married Alan of Galloway; their youngest child Dervorguil, carrying to the family of Balliol her pretensions upon the crown of Scotland: Isabella [Isobel] became the wife of Robert Bruce, and the ancestress of an illustrious line of kings; whilst Ada, the youngest, was united to Henry de Hastings, and the remaining sister Matilda died unmarried.

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