16 September 2014

Died In Florida Battle


J.W. S. McNeil, of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.  He was killed in the 21st year of his age in battle with the Indians of Florida on the morning of the 16th of September, 1837, by Uchee Billy, a chief of the Seminoles.  He was the son of Gen. John McNeil, of New Hampshire--late of the U.S. Army, and grandson of the late Governor Pierce of the same state.

From the Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek blog:

You are looking at the southwest corner of the St. Augustine National Cemetery.  The marble slab on the ground in the corner is plot 1 and contains the remains of Lieut. Stephen Tuttle.  The nearer slab is plot 4 and contains the remains of John Winfield Scott McNeil.

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