25 September 2014

Captain Morris's Detroit In 1764

Captain Thomas Morris came to America in 1758, as a lieutenant in the 17th regiment of infantry.  "After his adventures along the Maumee...he remained in Detroit for some time, and returned to England with his regiment in 1767 (he retired in 1775)."


"Probably it was his familiarity with the French language that led to his being chosen for the task... ."

A Modern Day View Of Cedar Point In Ohio
"I set out in good spirits from Cedar Point in Lake Erie on the 26th of August, 1764...at the same time the army proceeded for Detroit".

"It may not be improper to mention, that if I could have completed the tour intended, viz., from Detroit to New Orleans, thence to New York, and thence to Detroit again, whence I set out, it would have been a circuit little short of five thousand miles." 

 Detroit, September 25, 1764

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