26 August 2014

Where Ambrose Maulding Settled

Petitions of the early inhabitants of Kentucky... mentioned Ambrose Mauldin.

Ambrose Mauldin may have also been known as Ambrose Maulding.  Ambrose Maulding was born on August 1, 1755, and died August 26, 1833, per the request in the Revolutionary War pension files below.


Excerpts from Two Revolutionary War Soldier and How They Came to Hog Prairie, by Ralph S. Harrelson, from Outdoor Illinois, [links and note added]:

            THE COURSE of human events often brings colorful personalities and rich backgrounds of history to a particular locality.  Such was the case in the settlement of two Revolutionary War soldiers, Ambrose Maulding and Francis Dollarhide...[who settled on] this little prairie...destined to become in 1821 a part of Hamilton County, Illinois.
              About 1780, James Maulding and his wife and sons Morton, Ambrose...[settled in] Logan County, Kentucky.  There they established Maulding’s Station, sometimes called Red River, or Old Station.  Before that time Ambrose and Morton had helped to establish Kasper’s or Gasper’s Station in Tennessee.

Reconstruction of Kasper's Station In Tennessee

In Kentucky, on May 23, 1806, Mourning Maulding, daughter of Ambrose, was united in marriage to John Anderson. [Note: Their daughter, Eliza Anderson, married Alexander Sullenger, who was my half 3rd great uncle]

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