28 August 2014

Bingham Genealogy

The Binghams are of interest to me because of their BACKUS connections.  Below is a partial family tree published in The New England historical and genealogical register (1895).

A Scene In Windham County, Connecticut [Wndham Mentioned Below]

Bingham Genealogy, by Capt. Theodore A. Bingham, Corps of Engineers U. S. A., Chattanooga, Tenn.:

1. Thomas (1) Bingham was admitted to membership in the " Cutler's Company" of Sheffield, England, Dec. 21, 1614, as a master cutler, as shown by the records still in existence. The use of the trade mark (T. B.) was also then granted him. He had a son:
2. i. Thomas.
2. Thomas (2) Bingham, who married Anna Stenton, in Sheffield, Engl.,

July 6, 1631, as shown by records there in Parish Church of St. Peter and Holy Trinity. They had children baptized as follows, as shown by same records :

i. Abel, May 13, 1632.
ii. Stephen, Dec. 26, 1633.
iii. Edward, March 28, 1636.
iv. Robert, Dec. 15, 1638.
v. Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1640.
(3). vi. Thomas, June 5, 1642.
vii. Anna, Nov. 5, 1644.

3. Thomas(3) Bingham, baptized in Sheffield, England, June 5, 1642, was one of the first landed proprietors of Norwich, Conn. His house lot bears date of April, 1660. He was made free from Norwich by the General Court in 1671 and removed to Windham, Conn., where he can be traced for 30 years as sergeant, selectman and deacon of the church. He was on the first list of approved inhabitants of Windham in 1693. He d. Jan. 16, 1730, aged 88, in Windham, where he is buried. He m. Mary Rudd, Dec. 12, 1666,
supposed to be the dau. of Lieut. Jonathan Rudd of Saybrook, and of the bride of "Bride Brook." Mary Rudd was born in 1648 and died Aug. 4, 1726. Children :

i. Thomas, Jr., b. Dec. 11, 1667; d. Apr. 1, 1710; m. Hannah Backus.

He was the only son who remained at Norwich and succeeded to the privileges of his father.

iii. Mary, b. July, 1672 ; m. John Backus.

The Rudd connection was inferred from a deed recorded at Saybrook, Connecticut:


Backus connection:


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