08 August 2014

Asa Howard Absconded

"...it would appear that the judge [Hughes] was interested with H. in his claim.  He then declined to act further in the matter....reason for refusing to proceed the fact that H. was his brother-in-law."

During the proceedings information "...stating that Asa Howard absconded from Canada some months previously......[Source]."


"...Mr. Horton produced an affidavit shewing that he had sold some lots of a property known as the Thompson farm to Howard....appeared in Howard's hand-writing entered in a book in his own possession, but found amongst his papers by his wife after he ad absconded."

"Mr. [David John] Hughes then stated that if it was intended to be alleged that he was interested in the matter, he could not proceed any further...".

"....Mr. Edward Horton being connected to him by marriage."

What about the marriage between Asa Howard and Elizabeth Hughs [Elgin County] in 1839?  Was it Edward Horton that Judge Hughes was related to, or Asa Howard, or both (or neither)?

Was Asa Howard the same Asa Howard mentioned in David Kennedy's probate papers? David John Hughes was also mentioned and Elgin County [Canada] was the venue for both, so it appears to be so.

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