29 July 2014

My Kennedy Lineage

Me, daughter of
Richard N. Powers, son of
Ralph N. Powers, son of
William S. Powers, son of 
Mary Agnes Kennedy, daughter of
David Kennedy
the son of  ????

I was born and raised in Michigan, as was my father and grandfather.  William S. Powers was born 27 August 1859, in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, to John and Mary Agnes (Kennedy) Powers.  Mary Agnes Kennedy was born December 1834 in Canada.  It is unknown when and where David Kennedy was born [I started looking for David's children's records (census, death records, etc.) for that information].

A Kennedy cousin sent a copy of David Kennedy's probate documents (from a previous blog post):

David Kennedy, Yeoman, Will - Dec'd 3 Nov 1854 Of Harwich Twp., Kent Co. [Ontario, Canada] Mentions:
David John Hughes of St. Thomas, Elgin Co., Canada
James Farley " "
Warren Clouse of Town of Niagara, Lincoln Co.
Widow: Ann Kennedy
Eldest Son: Wilbur Kennedy
Sureties: Asa Howard of St. Thomas, Elgin Co., & John Wells, of St. Thomas, Elgin Co.

A report of David Kennedy's fatal accident was reported in the Western Planet, Chatham, Canada West, Wed. Nov. 8, 1854.

During the storm which took place on the evening of the 31st, alt. Two men, one named William Early, the other David Kennedy, were killed instantly by the fall of a tree, about half way between Troy Mills and Blenheim Village.  Clarity forbids any remarks concerning Kennedy. 

What other relevant information could be found in various editions of this newspaper?

Where was the family in 1851 (in a missing Harwich Twp. census?)?  The 1851 census has a category for the enumerated person's birthplace (where was David born; Canada or Scotland or...?).

After David's death, his widow, Ann lived in Grimsby and was enumerated in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses there.

Did David and/or Ann Kennedy own land in Grimsby, Harwich Twp., etc.?

Who were David Kennedy's parents?  There was a prominent Kennedy family in the Niagara area, but it is not known if there is a connection between David and those Kennedys.

Perhaps DNA will provide some answers.....

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