24 July 2014

Happy Birthday, Detroit

A bit of early history from "Cadillac's Village," Or "Detroit Under Cadillac.": With List of Property Owners And A History Of the Settlement, 1701-1710 ..., by Clarence Monroe Burton.

 "The early history of Detroit is scarcely known. The records that contain its story are to be found in Montreal, Quebec, and Paris."

"Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac had been the commandant at Mackinac from 1694 to 1698, and while occupying that position, had cast his eye southward as a better location than Mackinac for founding a colony."

"Having obtained permission from his government to found a colony at Detroit, he set out on his errand in the spring of 1701, and reached the site of the future city on the 24th of July."

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