26 July 2014

Barney Dissatisfied With The Government


To the Honorable the Delegates of the United States of America in Congress assembled The Memorial of Joshua Barney most respectfully sheweth

That your Memorialist hath served four years as a Lieutenant in the Navy in the Service of America dur-
ing fifteen months of which Time he hath been a Prisoner with the Enemy That he hath borne that Rank
on Board a Ship having more than twenty guns and is at present directed to take the Rank of first Lieu-
tenant on board the Saratoga a vessel of inferior force. That by a Resolve of your Honours the pay of Officers are reduced in proportion to his Reduction in point of Rank on Board the Vessels of several force. That two Years Pay is due to your Petitioner for his former services which in the present depreciated state of the Currency is not worth his acceptance. That Application hath been made to the Board of Admiralty and no Satisfaction can be obtained from that Quarter without an Order from your Honours. He therefore prays your Honours would fix his Rank and ascertain the pay he shall receive &c. &c.

Philad/a July 26, 1780.

A 1782 Naval Encounter here.

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