20 June 2014

The Honorable Robert Morris



The "beginning of a beautiful friendship" between Hon. Morris and Commodore Barney:

"...he [Joshua Barney] received an order to wait upon the Honorable Robert Morris, President of the Marine Committee on June 20, 1776, Barney was ushered into the presence of this patriot, he was asked if his name was Barney. Answering in the affirmative, Mr. Morris drew a paper from his pocket and handed it to him with these words. "The Committee has heard of your good behavior, Mr. Barney, during the engagement with the enemy in the Delaware and have authorized me to offer you this letter of appointment as a lieutenant in the Navy of the United States.  I will add for myself that if you continue to act with the same bravery and devotion to the cause of our country on future occasions you shall always find in me a friend ready and happy to serve you." [Source]

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