17 June 2014

More About The Wolcotts

See the Wolcott family's influence in music.

An online search of Billo descendant Hilda Wolcott produced a hit inBillboard Magazine published December 13, 1948.  Billboard Magazine?  But there it was. 

PInckney Dispatch, September 22, 1926, published this:

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wolcott and daughter of Mississippi spent Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Wolcott's brother, M. J. Hosiel and family.

Catheryne Hoisel Wolcott's entry at FindAGrave.

"Wolcott's Fun Factory under the generic banner of "Old Plantation" minstrelsy.  Fred Wolcott is positioned next to the "box office" hand on hip.  His wife Catheryn Hoisel Wolcott is standing behind the box office.  (courtesy Hilda Wolcott Hutchings)  Thanks to Mississippi Cultural Crossroads"

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