07 April 2014

St. Clair Co.[Territory of] Michigan Record Book

An Index from a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, RG 79-48, Cur(?) B16, F3, November 5, 1828 to June 1, 1835:

Edward Hopkins, p. 1
Jean LeMay, p. 19
Isaac Minni (Guardianship), p. 22 (Continued to p. 304)
Terenc Haugery Estate, p. 27
Asa Patteridge, p. 31
Lewis Jourdan, p. 39
Isaac Rowe, p. 46
Lewis J. Brakenim?, p. 64
Newhall Roswell, p. 72
James McQueen
John Whight, p. 100
William Lamb, p. 107
Edward Sales, p. 116 (Continued 126, 286 and 288)
Robert Hogge, p. 127 (and Continued)
Peter Rice, p. 145
Crawford legitimate minor, Guardian, p. 154
Daniel McQueen Estate
Louis Campeau Will, p. 169
John L. Biron Estate, p. 171
John L. Basset, p. 180
Daniel McQueen, Guardian
Alexander Hanor? Est?
Richard Sansbury, p. 207
Joseph Smith, p. 238
William Austin, p. 249
Henry Brown, p. 262
V. A. Barron, p. 270
Caleb Mattock
Davis Wellington, Guardian, p. 310 or 318
Joseph Fox, p. 140

P. 1  Records of the Estate of Edward Hopkins, Twp. of St. Clair, County of St. Clair, Michigan Territory, 15 November 1828, Petition of Mark Hopkins
P. 13 Lots of names including Mark Hopkins est
P. 19 Estate of Jean LeMay, Melvin Don_ _ _ _
P. 21 To the Admin. of Estate of Jaques Lapell; also mentions estate of George Meldrum
Missed some notes....
P. 31 Estate of Asa Patrridge, Twp. of St. Clair

Ran out of time at Archives......no more notes.

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