11 April 2014

Martial Law At Detroit

From Papers Of The War Department:

A View Of Detroit

April 11, 1799   Martial Law at Detroit  [James McHenry Alexander Hamilton]  McHenry discusses the imposition of martial law in Detroit which has resulted in complaints from Detroit's inhabitants. The President argues that martial law is necessary to prevent the sale of liquor to soldiers and General Wilkinson maintains that martial law has been in effect since 1785.

See a transcription (excerpt below):

War Department
11th April 1799

Governor St. Clair has made a representation to me in a letter dated the 18th of February of which I enclose you a copy, by which it appears that much discontent, and uneasiness has been occasioned by the proclamation of Martial law at Detroit. To give a full view of the subject, I have also enclosed extracts from a correspondence between the Secretary of War and Brigadier General Wilkinson relative to the same business.

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