24 April 2014

Elijah Denny, A Remarkable Man


A correspondent of the Kentucky Statesman, under date of November 26, 1855, gives the following sketch of an old citizen in Pulaski county, named Elijah Denny, who is perhaps the oldest man in Kentucky.

" He was 118 years of age on the 10th of September, and is as active as many men at forty. lie works daily upon a farm, and throughout his whole life he has been an early riser. He informed the writer that he
had never drank but one cup of coffee, and that was in the year 1848. He served seven years in the war of the Revolution, and was wounded at the siege of Charleston; he was also at the siege of Savannah, and at the battle of Eutaw Springs.

He was also present at the battles of Camden, King's Mountain, and Monk's Corner. He served under Col. Horry and Col. Mason, and was an eye witness of the sufferings and death of Col. Isaac Hayne, of South
Carolina, an early victim of the revolution. He is sprightly and active, and would be taken at any time to be a man of middle age. He is a strict member of the Baptist church, and rides six miles to every meeting
of his church. He has four sons and five daughters, all living, the eldest being now in his seventy-eighth, and the youngest in his fifty-first year. Such is a brief sketch of this aged soldier and republican, who is perhaps
the only surviving soldier of Francis Marion, Sumpter and Horry."

This article was also published in the New York Times, November 22, 1855.

An Elijah Denny (Rockcastle County, Kentucky) provided an affidavit for David Owens' Revolutionary War pension application:


Listed as a Revolutionary War veteran in the 1840 census

Elijah Denny died April 24, 1863.

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