26 April 2014

Andrew Jackson's Letter

A brief review of the past sixty years for the reflection of the American people and their representatives in Congress with the letter of General Andrew Jackson to Dr. Coleman, April 26, 1824, attached.  Published 1869 [plain text version here]

General Andrew Jackson To *Dr. Coleman:

Washington, April 26, 1824.

"Sir: I have had the honor to receive your letter of the 21st instant, and, with candor, shall reply to it.  My name has been brought before the nation by the people themselves, without any agency of mine; for I wish it not to be forgotten that I have never solicited office, nor, when called upon by the constituted authorities, have ever declined when I conceived my services would be beneficial to my country."

"You ask me my opinion of the tariff. I answer, that I am in favor of a judicious examination and revision of it... ".

"The experience of the late war ought to teach us a lesson, and one never to be forgotten. If our liberty and republican form of Government, procured for us by our revolutionary fathers, are worth the blood and treasure at which they were obtained, it surely is our duty to protect and defend them."

[End Of Excerpt]

I am, sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,


*Dr.Coleman of Warrenton, North Carolina (or Virginia)

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