28 March 2014

Political Cartoons

“Cartooning is an irreverent form of expression, and one particularly suited to scoffing at the high and the mighty. If the prime role of a free press is to serve as critic of government, cartooning is often the cutting edge of that criticism.” [Source: Herblock at the Library of Congress]

The Dirksen Congressional Center had the following information on its website:

"Among the scores of cartoonists represented in the collection are Herblock, Gib Crockett, Hugo, Bill Mauldin*, Gene Basset, Pat Oliphant, Al Capp, Wayne Stayskal, Jim Berry, Guernsey LePelley, Tom Engelhardt, Paul Conrad, and Jim Berryman."

From the *Mauldin Collection at the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City:

Jim's Photo Of A Mauldin Cartoon

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