10 March 2014

Once They Were United Under Joseph Smith

The Mormon Church after the death of Joseph Smith from the Annals of the West: embracing a concise account... "

"This enthronement [of Brigham Young] drove [Sydney] Rigdon with a party to Pennsylvania, where in a short time his influence vanished, and the band dispersed.  Strang founded a city on the prairies of Wisconsin, and had a numerous colony."

Source:  Mormon Feast Ground, Beaver Island

"Ultimately he removed to Beaver island, in Michigan lake, assumed the title of King of the Saints*, where the small kingdom still exists.  These bodies and their leaders were excommunicated by the great majority under the proper Seer, as was also William Smith, another competitor for the throne, and a party in Texas, headed by Lyman White."

*Also see Lorenzo Dow Hickey.

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