26 March 2014

Indian Path And Oulton's Garrison

...the Conestoga Path or Road...to show the existence of an Indian path for trade, hunting and war, which led across the Fork of Gunpowder River near tidewater, and went to Potomac River.  This much have been one of the Susquehanna-Potomac trails in use when Captain Steelman made his deposition. [Source]

"It is possible, of course...that two Indian trails met on or in the vicinity of the "Garrison" tract, and that the Old Court Road from Patapsco to Gunpowder Falls represents the approximate course of one of them.  This theory would not only explain the remarkable bend of the Old Indian Road to the northward, and to the northwest, but it would account for the situation of the old "Garrison" fort erected late in the seventeenth century on the east side of the tract called "Oulton's Garrison."  Unfortunately, in the absence of all proofs, our theory must not be recommended too seriously to the consideration of the reader."


This blog also mentioned Oulton's Garrison and other points of interest:

"There are a number of reasons why Marylanders should remember Captain John Oldton. Captain Oldton was, if not the actual builder of the " Garrison" (he probably was the builder), at least the man who made it memorable by his occupation of it during nearly four years...".

"The earliest authentic reference to the historic "Garrison"...is, I believe, about half a mile from that which is found in the description of the tract called " Ely CCarroll".. ". "...near Capt Oulstons Garrison." 

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