19 March 2014

Impact Of The 1904 Flint Flood

From The Genesee Democrat published Mar 19, 1904:

Water and Ice in the Flint River Surpass All Previous Known Records

Earthworks At Hamilton's Dam Carried Away, Families Driven Out By The Flood And Bridges And Dams Threatened By The Unprecedented Volume Of Water

Flint Factories Lose By Water And Flushing Mill Fires Were Extinguished

"At the flats where the bridge* on the Fenton road spans the Thread creek all the lowlands are inundated, and last night three families were driven from their homes by the rapid rise of the water, the three houses being situated just northwest of the bridge, John Powers and his family occupied one, his father another and a family named McCartney the third.  They left last night when the water became too high, but this morning the houses were still surrounded with water."
*The bridge described in the link was built in 1924

General Motors and the 1904 flood; historical photos included.

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