23 March 2014

Crimean War Letters

The Crimean War per Wikipedia.

An Officer's Letters to His Wife During the Crimean WarBy Richard Denis Kelly (1815-1897):

"The Queen has sent two silk handkerchiefs, hemmed by herself, to be given to two wounded men in each regiment. We got ours today, one black and the other coloured, and very neatly worked; they are to be given to Sergeant Smith of the Grenadiers who was wounded in eight places and to Private Boyce...". 

5 November 1855:

"Mrs. Straubenzee is differently situated from you my love. In the first place she has no children; next, her husband is a General Officer, and can command much more accommodation and comfort than I can. He has both a marquee and a hut at his disposal has stables and coach-houses built for him, and is surrounding his premises with a wall to make him more private.

 This I can't do, as we haven't the space in our camp. But with all this, Mrs. S. is exposed to a great many discomforts to which a lady must find it hard to submit. I know my dear Ellie, that you can rough it with anyone, and that you would willingly submit to any hardship to prove your love to me; but, believe me, it is best for both of us that you should remain where you are at present.

 I can well imagine what you went through in that agonizing time in April; it showed the deepness of your attachment to me and God grant you may never be exposed to such a fearful trial again.

I hope I shall get the books by the mail due today, but not in yet. I have just read "Sunny Memories," by Mrs.Beecher Stowe, and liked it very much. I have never heard of the other."

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