13 March 2014

Adelicia's Franklin Inheritance

Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklin Cheatham

From Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the state of ..., the "...case of Paschal v Acklin 27 Tex 173 (links added)."

 In that case Isaac Franklin, a testator domiciled in the state of Tennessee, died leaving a widow and children. By his will, after making bequests to his wife and children, he devised all his property real and personal of whatever kind or nature that is situated in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi or any other common law state where trust estates can be created, and the rest and residue of my estate wherever situated to his two brothers in trust to erect endow and maintain an academy or seminary of learning on the plantation of the testator in Tennessee. At the time of his death testator left real property in Texas.

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