16 March 2014

A Spy Duped General Van Dorn

Source (See story below)

"One morning in February 1863 two persons were making their way on horseback from Shelbyville to Spring Hill. The first of these was dressed in Quaker garb...".   "They were fast approaching a vidette post; were shortly halted by a cavalryman; they drew rein and dismounted."

The "Quaker" asked to see General Van Dorn [who] "was examining some maps and charts...".  The General gave the man permission to minister to the Confederate soldiers.  "He was particular in his inquiries for the sick and even visited all the forts and fortifications and made particular inquiries in and about them...".  The "Quaker" "was preparing to leave camp when a lieutenant accosted him with 'I say stranger, haven't we met before?'"  The pseudo-Quaker, Captain Carter*, told his traveling companion that "I took him prisoner at Stone river though he escaped soon after."  *5th Indiana Volunteers

"That night a dispatch went to General Bragg which read 'Look out for a Quaker... ". "He is a spy."  "Arrest him."   General Van Dorn 

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