01 February 2014

Christopher Bush's Famous Daughter

Will Book B - Page 75
24 February 1812

...shares given to all children (except Christopher and John)....
Wife: Hannah
Sons:  William, Samuel, Isaac, Elijah
Daughters: Hannah Radley, Rachel Smallwood, Sally Johnston*

Witness: Ben Helm

Inventory: Page 80 and Page 81
8 March 1813

*Sally Johnston was Sarah (Bush) Johnston Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's step-mother.

From "The Lincoln kinsman":

Sarah Bush Lincoln, step-mother of Abraham Lincoln, was born in what is now Hardin County, Kentucky, on December 13, 1788... .

The wife of Christopher Bush was named Hannah, but we do not know her maiden name. There were six sons and three daughters in the family. The boys' names were William, Samuel, Isaac, Elijah, Christopher, Jr., and John. The girls were Hannah, Rachel, and Sarah [widow of Daniel Johnston].

Christopher Bush made his will on February 24, 1812, and it was probated on February 8, 1813. In this will the pioneer states, "I have already given to all my children except Christopher and John their full share of my estate both real and personal and being desirous that my two sons namely Christopher and John shall be secured in my estate equal to what I have given the rest of my children who have left me namely my sons William, Samuel, Isaac and Elijah and my daughters Hannah Radley, Rachel Smallwood and Sally Johnston — ." Christopher then sees to it by certain bequests that his two sons shall receive their share of the estate and that his wife will not be forgotten.

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