30 January 2014

Mrs. Nicholas Easton Who Was Also Mrs. Henry Bull

Henry Bull's daughter, Amy, married my presumed ancestor, Edward Richmond, as his 2nd wife.  Anne Clayton Easton would have been Amy's step-mother.

From the biography of Nicholas Easton...

Easton was a tanner, from Wales, reached New England 14 May, 1634, with his sons, Peter and John. After living one year in Ipswich, where he was deputy to the General Court, he moved to Newbury.

...Easton left the colony...[and] soon settled at Newport. Here he resided until his death, in 1675, aged 83. He also built the first house in Newport, became a prominent man in Rhode Island, was a large landholder, and has numerous descendants.

Anne Clayton, the second wife of Nicholas, after his death married Henry Bull, who was twice governor of Rhode Island, in 1685 and 1689. He died in 1693, aged 84. The Eastons, Bull, and many leading men of Rhode Island, were Quakers.

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