12 January 2014


Anjaline Fruson and the other Frusons/Frasers/? were living with my Garrett ancestors in Poinsett County, Arkansas, in 1850.  Are the Frusons relatives or former neighbors or....? 

Here is Anjaline with the Garretts in 1850:

United States Census, 1850
name: Anjaline Frusun
residence: Greenfield, Poinsett, Arkansas
calculated birth year: 1842
birthplace: Alabama
gender: Female
Household Gender Age
Cas Garrett M 36y
Artilla Garrett F 34y
Mary A Garrett F 15y
Martha E Garrett F 13y
Henry J Garrett M 11y
George M Garrett M 7y
Susan S Garrett F 2y
Thomas Garrett M 24y
Andrew J Frusun M 28y
Elizabethella Frusun F 26y
   Anjaline Frusun F 8y
Mary J Frusun F 6y
Darrel J D Frusun M 4y
Caroline Frusun F 3y

There was a Mrs. Anjaline Walton living in Saline Co., Arkansas, in 1860 who was born in Alabama, who may possibly be Anjalina Frusun.  Other possibilities:  She moved to another state; she died before the 1860 census was taken; she married someone else, or.... .

Was Anjalina Guys, born Jan. 1842 in Alabama and living in Saline County, Arkansas, in 1900, the former Anjaline Walton and/or the former Anjalina Frusun?  I do not know.

United States Census, 1900 for Anjalina E Guys
Dyer & Kentucky Townships, Saline, Arkansas
  Household Gender Age
spouse Joel T Guys M
  Anjalina E Guys F
child Emly L Guys F
child William J Guys M

Who is Anjalina and where did she go?  I do not know, but wish I did.

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