18 December 2013

Journal Of Lincoln's Attending Surgeon

Part of a collection, Lincoln North, belonging to McGill University in Canada and a virtual exhibit online.

Journal of attending Surgeon C.S. (Charles Sabin) Taft

Lincoln's Last Hours, from the notebook of Charles Sabin Taft can be seen here.  C. S. Taft's father also kept a diary about the events.

From this website:

Medical and Surgical Reporter Philadelphia, April 22, 1865

Murder of President Lincoln

Surgeon-General Barnes, with other medical men, was in attendance upon the President during his last hours, and post mortem was made. Appended will be found a detailed account of the sad event, with the progress of the symptoms, and an account of the post-mortem. It was prepared for our columns by Dr. C.S. Taft, A.A. Surgeon, U.S.A.

Memorial for Charles Sabin Taft (1835 - 1900) at FindAGrave.

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