09 December 2013

John Reynolds, Sarah Backus And Me

Much of the information about John Reynolds and Sarah Backus found at the Reynolds Family Association was excerpted from The history and descendants of John and Sarah (Backus) Reynolds .

John Reynolds, the immigrant, died at Norwich July 22, 1702... .  On a record dated January 31, 1701/2, he is mentioned as one of the first settlers "now surviving." His will is dated July 15, 1702, seven days before his death. The will mentions as survivors his wife Sarah, only son Joseph, and four married daughters, Sarah Post, Mary Lathrop, Elizabeth Lyman and Lydia Miller.  At his death John owned about 79 acres or more in Norwich.


2. SARAH, b. November 1656; d. 1703; m. John Post, Jr., 1685. When her father died in 1702, she was a widow. [She was the last Reynolds in my line]

My descent from Sarah Backus and John Reynolds:

William Backus* m. (perhaps Sarah Charles)
his daughter Sarah Backus m. John Reynolds
their daughter Sarah Reynolds m. John Post
their daughter Sarah Post m. Timothy Backus [grandson*]
their son John Backus m. Jerusha Baker
their son John Backus m. (perhaps Hannah Fuller)
their daughter Laura Backus m. Thomas Richmond
their daughter Cynthia Richmond m. James More
their daughter Addie More m. William Powers
their son Ralph Powers m. Beatrice Cameron
their son Richard Powers m. (Living)

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