29 December 2013

Establishing Boundaries With Greer Testimony

My Greer family, making a difference in early Maryland:

 In the year 1732 a land commission was held on a tract called "Heathcoat's Cottage," which lies on the northeast side of Great Gunpowder Falls... . John Roberts alias Campble testified...that "about twenty years ago or upwards this deponent was in company with his father-in-law John Campble...on the north side of the Main Falls of Gunpowder River and that his said father told this deponent that poplar was the beginning tree of Heathcoats Cottage...".

John Greer testified before the same commission of having been informed fourteen or fifteen years before by his uncle John Taylor then Deputy Surveyor that the beginning tree of Heathcoats Cottage... .

Many years later, in 1769, Moses Greer testified before a commission held to determine the bounds of Sewell's Fancy...three heaps or piles of stones are known by the name of the Indian Graves was the place where a tract or parcell or land called Heathcoats Cottage began or formerly had its beginning.

In 1814 depositions were taken before the Chancery Court in the case of Day and Kell vs Todd concerning the bounds of Heathcoats Cottage, Gassaway's Ridge, Leafe's Chance and Clarksons Hope, all of which tracts lie adjacent one to another.

 John B. Ford testified that thirty-five years before he had been with Moses Greer when the latter proved one of the boundaries of Gassaway's Ridge to be at the three Indian graves sixty-six yards to the southward of the CB Tree.  The remains of the CB Tree and a stone marked CB are still to be seen about a quarter of a mile west of the old Ishmael Day house which stands on the Joppa Road between Kingsville and Fork. [Source]

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