01 December 2013

Coytmore, Cherokees And Fort Prince George


Peace and war on the Anglo-Cherokee frontier, 1756-63 noted that "Seroweh (Saloue)," the young warrior of Estatoe and his brother Half Breed Jemmy the Conjurer..." came to Fort Prince George on June 30 and talked to Lt. Coytmore.

Lieutenant Coytmore was killed in an incident at Fort Prince George* at a site  now underwater on February 16, 1760. 

[*Note:  ...the plan is to reconstruct a fort where the “Big Four” Revolutionary War generals of South Carolina – Andrew Pickens, Thomas Sumter, Francis Marion and William Moultrie all spent time as young soldiers.]

Also see the Letter To James Dalyzell From A Major At Fort Prince George In 1761 blog post.

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