04 November 2013

St. Clair's Advance Discovered....

....and then St. Clair's Defeat.


Prelude to a massacre:

Before midnight, General Butler dispatched Captain Slough, with thirty-two men, to reconnoiter in front of the lines. That officer was told by Colonel Oldham* that, in his opinion, the troops would be attacked in the morning. He saw enough Indians in the woods to confirm that opinion. He immediately returned to camp and communicated to General Butler what he had learned, and added that if thought proper he would go and make the report to General St. Clair.  General Butler remained silent for some time, and then, thanking Captain Slough for his attention and vigilance, remarked that, as he must be fatigued, he had better go and lie down. Captain Slough obeyed. General Butler neither communicated to General St Clair the information he had received, nor took any further precautions against the enemy. [Source]

*Colonel William Oldham:

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