07 November 2013

How Canada Got Its Name?


According to an extract originally published in the Universal Magazine of February, 1761:

"Canada, a colony in North America, belonged to the French before the present war. It is reported, in order to account for the etymology of the word 'Canada,' that the Spaniards had, long before the French, visited this coast; but, finding no signs of any minerals, they were in a hurry to go off again, crying out in their lan- 
guage, 'Aca Nada!' that is, 'There is nothing here;' meaning the country was good for nothing ; which words the Indians retained, and, when the French came ashore, cried out, 'Aca Nada! Aca Nada!' which they took for the name of the country; so that it has been called Canada ever since."

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