25 November 2013

Evacuation Day

A description of the First Evacuation Day celebration:

Writers say Washington made his headquarters there [Fraunces Tavern] and that the building was illuminated in the evening.  On this occasion the memorable thirteen toasts were drunk, the first being to "The United States of America" and the last "May the Remembrance of THIS DAY be a Lesson to Princes;" and "The New York Gazette" of November 26, 1783, gives a full account of the parade and ceremonies of the day before and the public dinner given to the Commander-in-Chief at Fraunces Tavern in the evening.  The bill as follows:


For the celebration of Evacuation Day, November 25, 1813, the record states that:


"The Independent Veteran Corps of Artillery assembled at the Arsenal in Elm Street in the morning, and, after performing the duties of the Day, adjourned to Kent's Hotel (now Fraunce's Tavern) and partook of a dinner with usual toasts."

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