25 October 2013

Surprise From The Grave

Who wants trouble once you're dead .  Katherine Mallison was resting in peace until it was time for her daughter's body to be interred in the family plot. Then there was a lawsuit....

Court of Appeals of Ohio, Cuyahoga County.

"...Dorothy Mallison Carney('s)...burial was scheduled for October 25, 1982, in the Mallison family plot at Knollwood Cemetery."

"Unexpectedly, the backhoe bucket uncovered an old wooden vault, called a "rough box;"...[Cemetery supervisor] Smith was aware that the rough box contained a coffin.  Smith instructed the workman to continue digging the grave... ."

"Unknown to the Carney mourners, the final resting place of Dorothy Carney's mother had been disturbed. The rough box encountered by the backhoe operator had contained the remains of Katherine G. Mallison, who was buried in 1929."

Approximately six months later, in March 1983, a Cleveland television station received a tip that skeletal remains had been dumped behind the cemetery. The police were notified...[and noted] the following remains, which the appellants admitted were those of Katherine G. Mallison.

Dorothy Mallison Carney was the wife of Richard Burchell Westnedge Carney.  Richard Carney was the son of Maurice and Caroline (Westnedge) Carney.  Caroline was the sister of WWI hero Colonel Joseph Westnedge of Kalamazoo.  Joseph's daughter Dorothy married Duncan Patrick Cameron (who was the nephew of my great-grandmother, Anna Cameron). 

The Mallison family in 1900:

United States Census, 1900
Lansdown borrough, Delaware, Pennsylvania
Household Gender Age
parent Harvey P Mallison M
parent Catherine E Mallison F
Mary Mallison F
Geo Mallison M
Catherine Mallison F
Dorothy Mallison F
Sarah J Graham F
Mary A Winfrey F

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