28 October 2013

Search For Some Early Connecticut Divorces

A search function at Connecticut's Law and Legislation: Lotteries and divorces second series 1718-1820 : two volumes and index... page .  Other subjects can be searched as well.

Found when researching the John Backus divorce.  Searching for "Backus" turned up another divorce reference, this time for Stephen and Eunice Backus.

Backus, Eunice, petition showing that she was married to Stephen Backus of Canterbury in 1798 & that he has treated her in a cruel & abusive  manner & praying for a divorce. Resolve granting a divorce to  petitioner from aforesaid Stephen & requiring the latter to pay her  $ 167.67. Expense account. Resolve passed & execution granted,  Sept. Oct. 1805 1: 11,12 

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