18 October 2013

A Corbett Connection

A blogger posted about Boston Corbett, the soldier who shot John Wilkes Booth.  [Note: my 2nd great granduncle, Abraham Snay, was also a member of the cavalry who hunted down Booth].  According to his blog:

"Boston [Corbett] COULD be the brother of Zoroaster, who was born on 5/12/1835."  The blogger concluded that there was a possibility that "Boston is the son of the brother of my great-great-great-great grandmother."

Also contained in the other blogger's post:

"...Zoroaster married Josephine B. Cleveland on 10/2/1855."  "Zoroaster and Josephine had five children altogether; Lura was #3."  

[Note: Josephine was related to Grover Cleveland as am I; my 8th great grandmother was Joanna Cleveland.]


Fred Corbett's son, Lewis, married Clarice Turner, step-daughter of Kezzie More; Kezzie was my 1st cousin 2x removed.  Fred was son of Zoraoster and Josephine Cleveland Corbett.

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